Monday, December 24, 2012

Sha Rizel is the Ultimate Christmas Gift!

I had to get another Sha Rizel Blog update in before Christmas and how timely was this release. PinupFiles has been busy with Sha Rizel as they know they have found a babe that is mind blowing hot with the perfect big breast, luscious round ass and a body shape of Goddesses.

These pictures are Behind the Scene shots from Sha Rizel's debut photoset. I have always preferred the 'BTS' sets more than studio shots because there are some awesome pictures and poses that you would not normally find in the main set. Now I look forward to the HD video release as it will top off this Christmas in style. Sha Rizel, you are fast becoming the ultimate babe.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Up Close with Sha Rizel

Wow I have not been so mesmerized by a woman's body than Sha Rizel's. You do not know how many times I have browsed through her debut set at PinupFiles and very much anticipating the next update. As with all PinupFiles content, we will be expecting 2 or 3 releases of this set with Behind The Scenes sets and of course do not forget the HD videos.

The videos is what I am really looking forward to. I want to see this babe in motion so badly. A little more about Sha. So first off and most importantly she is a 32H. Busty Busty and Busty the way we love it. Sha is the ultimate definition of hour glass figure and the perfect slim and stacked shape. Sha is of Eastern European ethnicity so you can just imagine her sexy accent. Well this is an awesome Christmas present and cannot wait to see more.

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Sha Rizel Blog :: New Busty Beauty Debut

This is absolute crazinezz!!! I will be blog a lot more about Sha Rizel that is for sures. I know that I have not posted often as I would like as I have been busy with my Jordan Carver, Leanne Crow and Rachel Aldana blog.

But oh how things will change. Over the past couple of days PinupFiles has been talking about the anticipated debut of new busty sensation and all the teased us with as they usually do is with the picture above. As soon as I saw this, my jaw dropped. How is the body on this babe???? A real pearler of an hour glass figure. Slim and stacked to the Tee with 32H boobs. Fucken knockout judging by the above pic. So the day has come and instead being the end of the world, we have been blessed with a beautiful busty goddess in Sha Rizel with huge out of this world breasts. Just take a look at her body, I am speechless...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Jordan Carver Blog: Bubble Bath With Jordan Carver

The Jordan Carver Blog: Bubble Bath With Jordan Carver: Earlier today, my Jordan Carver Blog post was about the latest photo set to date at called Garden and even though I work...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jana Defi Pics Sunny Tits

Damn, for the life of me I don not know why I have not blogged more about Jana Defi. Jana is super hot and so dreamy! Ya, I know I sound like a young school girl getting perplexed over the beeb, but damn Jana Defi is goddess like, beautiful and outright sexy. Her body is killer hot and her tits are just flippen big and out of this world. Well this will change and I vow to post more Jana Defi pics.

This latest set at the PinupGlam features the stunning Jana Defi in a sexy pink bikini. the sun gets too hot and then the TITTIES come out (our favorite part). Now then, we have big tits in the sun which has been the norm this summer. All that is missing is the Jana Defi blog readers to be at her side oiling her luscious big breasts and keeping Jana refreshed.

You can click her to check out some more previews from this set, but do yourselves a favour and join PinupFiles to seemore Jana Defi Pics and Jana Defi videos in Hi-Def.